Storyline 360: Quiz Question Responses Shift Slightly on Hover

Has anyone run into a strange issue that upon publishing and loading a course to your LMS (we use Saba), some responses to quiz questions shift ever so slightly on hover or when selected? The course was originally built in Storyline 2, and this was not an issue. It is also not an issue when previewing within Storyline. However, when taking the course as a learner, the random shifting of words is quite annoying. It's not consistent; some question slides are fine. And within one slide, not all answers necessarily shift. 

The way it functions, I would have guessed that the states had been edited and that the hover or selected states had the text moved a pixel or two. But this is not the case. Any ideas or at least confirmation that I'm not crazy would be helpful. :)



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Tessa Maki

Thanks for the suggestion, Wendy! From all of my review, there is nothing in the size or position of the boxes or in the text itself that is causing it. This seems to be supported by the fact that the issue does not appear in the SL preview, only in the published version in our LMS. I've attached several gifs that (if they work) show the shift when the course is taken in our LMS, the lack of shift in SL preview, and then I click through the various states to edit in SL that also show no shift.

I also experienced the shifting behavior in Articulate Review, but thought it may be a glitch in that system. I'm perplexed, especially since it doesn't happen on all questions or all responses. 

Kevan Norr

Was this ever resolved? Any quiz I've ever made this has happened. I don't resize anything and have always used the default templates for quiz creation.

With these kind of threads they always seem to end with "We'll look into it" and then nothing, no resolution or reply to help other people out who may have the same problem. What did you find out, if anything?

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi there, Kevan!

So sorry you're also encountering this issue. While I don't have a solution to share from Tessa's scenario at this time, I'm happy to work closely with you to sort what's happening here!

To help me dig deeper, we'll need to start fresh and gather these key details:

  • What version of Storyline are you using? Also, what quiz type(s) are you applying?
  • Do you notice the shift during Preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Do you have a sample file that shows the issue? If so, I'd love to take a closer look. You can share that file with me privately right here, and I'll delete it after troubleshooting.
Kevan Norr

Hi Katie,

First of all thank you for taking the time to look into this.

I am using Storyline360 and creating a question draw from a databank. There is a mixture of True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice with multiple answers and Fill in the Blank.

The multiple choice questions are where this hover jitter happens. The problem appears in preview mode, to a lesser degree, and is much more pronounced in the published version. During preview mode it seems like more often than not that the correct answer is the one that moves when it is hovered over. In the published version all of the answers move on hover.

I uploaded a file for you to take a look at.

Thanks again.

Tessa Maki

Sorry that I haven't been able to do any follow up on this. Unfortunately it's not a file that I can share. I can attempt to strip it down to one question to see if it does the same thing, but with other priorities right now I don't know when I will have time. I hope that you are able to find a resolution, Kevan!

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Good morning, Kevan and Tessa – and those following this discussion!

We can reproduce the issue where text within multiple choice text boxes becomes jittery when hovering a mouse over it, and logged it as a possible bug. 

Appreciate you bringing this oddity to our attention! I'll tag this discussion, and keep everyone posted as new information becomes available. Here's an inside look at how we tackle bugs like this one! 

Gerry Wasiluk

I've seen this quite a bit lately, especially when you resize the question box area.  Usually the hover state for one or more of the question choices has a size that is different from the answer's other states. 

It happens more often when you reduce the width of the question box area.  But I've also seen weird things happen when you reduce the width and then expand it out again.

When that happens, the fix I use is as follows:  Select the question box area and get the width (right-click on it and choose Size and Position).  Then select one of the answers itself.  Get its size, both width and height.  Then edit each of the states for that answer, checking its size--again, both the width and height for each state of the answer.

Usually, you'll find the hover size is off--usually the width is off but sometimes the height may also be.  Make sure all states for an answer have the same width and height.  Do this for all the answers.

That'll usually fix things.  Granted, the fix is a bit of a pain.  :(

Let me know if you get that or not.  If not, I'll create a video.

We identified this issue for beta testing of SL360 sometime last year and things seem to get better for a while--but in the last release or so, things are back to be "wonky."  Vanessa in QA should know of this.

IMVHO, we should be able to resize the question box area and SL accommodate that appropriately, accurately adjusting the sizes of each answer's states.

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi there, Javier!

Thanks for checking in and I'm sorry you've come across this. Our team is still investigating this issue, and we'll keep this discussion updated on any new developments. 

In the meantime, we're happy to troubleshoot your project to see if there are any approaches we can offer. If you're able to share the .story file, please use this private upload link. We'll do a deep dive and delete the file after!