Storyline 360: Quiz Question Responses Shift Slightly on Hover

Has anyone run into a strange issue that upon publishing and loading a course to your LMS (we use Saba), some responses to quiz questions shift ever so slightly on hover or when selected? The course was originally built in Storyline 2, and this was not an issue. It is also not an issue when previewing within Storyline. However, when taking the course as a learner, the random shifting of words is quite annoying. It's not consistent; some question slides are fine. And within one slide, not all answers necessarily shift. 

The way it functions, I would have guessed that the states had been edited and that the hover or selected states had the text moved a pixel or two. But this is not the case. Any ideas or at least confirmation that I'm not crazy would be helpful. :)



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Bruce Soule

I did some experimenting and found that if I set the Paragraph settings for all the responses to have a Line Spacing of Multiple/1.05 it removed the shifting. See the attached screen shot.

(I'm using the Updated Text in SL360, and all the responses are set to Expand Height, which will allow for responses that go beyond 1 line.)