Storyline 360 tablet size adjustment by the 'tab order'

Hey there! I've been trying to modify a course I made in storyline 360 to be able opened via Android tablet and just can't find what am I doing wrong..
First, I tried to adjust it by the "Tab Order" button (that supposed to appear in the "Home" tab, under the "Apply Layout" opption),
but in my storyline, appears the button - "Focus Order".
Second, I tried playing with the Publish or the player settings,
and it is still does'nt work properly.
I'd like to get some help with that, thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello tazref!

I'm happy to help! I understand that you're modifying a course so that it opens when using an Android tablet. Do you mind sharing more about why you're looking to customize the Focus Order, or the Tab Order? Both of these statements can be used interchangeably.

The Focus Order window controls the tab order of interactive objects, such as buttons and markers, as well as the reading order for non-interactive objects, such as text and images. It won't prevent a course from opening when using an Android tablet.

Are you hosting the course on a website, LMS, or Review 360? Also, can you share more about how the course is currently working on the Android tablet?