STORYLINE - Can we force a course reset based on student action within the course?

We are trying to eliminate the need for an LMS admin to reset a failed course for a set of our courses. So we need some sort of trigger that resets the entire course if certain things happen when the student is in it.

  • Slide viewed status
  • Questions reset
  • Results slides reset
  • Variables reset 
  • States reset

Any existing Storyline functions I just have missed, or any creative but stable solutions?

Awaiting awesome responses. :)

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Jeff Momsen

"A course should only need reseting if it is set to pass/failed as failed is often terminal in an LMS.

Could use the incomplete status instead which will not need resetting and then add a reset trigger on the slide the user is on when they fail. Otherwise it is a javascript trigger"

That may be true in basic usage, but for more specific situations, there are needs to reset beyond just a passed failed setting. When an admin reset in the LMS is not a feasible solution, we need a method to have a reset from within the course itself. That said, does anyone have a javascript) or other solution? available?