Storyline experiences error when exporting to xliff

Jun 06, 2022

An agency recently completed creating a program for us using Storyline 360. I'm now examining the work in preparation for translation. When I go to export the file to xliff the program throws an error and freezes. Here's the error:

The data behind the information link may be telling me something but I do not know what that is. How do I get this error examined and possibly find a solution? The error file is attached.


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Thor Melicher

Hey Steve,

Looking at the message you received, it seems that some text (a character with hexadecimal value 0x0B) used in your course isn't being handled correctly.  The XML writer (which is outputting the XLIFF file), is seeing it as a 'control character' which usually indicates how it will be displayed on screen as indicated in this Wikipedia article (CO and C1 Control Codes)

Doing some quick searching, it looks like you could see it in your course as two different ways, a 'vertical tab' or the universal symbol for male.  See this post here - the solutions proposed are for back-end programming so unfortunately won't help)

So, if the 'male symbol' is used in your course, simply delete it and then try exporting again to see if the issue is resolved.  If it does, and you're using the male symbol, use Windows Character Map to re-insert the symbol (it will be a unicode symbol and the representation is U+2642 - determine the font used, find the symbol, and then just copy and paste the symbol onto your course slide).

If you can't see the symbol, try and isolate where the error is occurring.  It's unfortunately a slow process.  You can start by deleting a scene and then export the XLIFF file.  If it doesn't crash, then you know it's in that scene you deleted.  Once you isolate it down to the scene causing the problem, now it's time to find the slide that's causing the problem.  Delete a slide and then export the XLIFF and repeat until the crashing stops.  This will tell you which slide has the problem.

Once you get to the slide, now you can start deleting the items on the slide to see if that resolves the issue.  Don't forget to check the 'notes' of the slide, too.

I hope this helps!