Storyline experiment - Smooth dynamic animations. Thoughts? How would you use it? (Now with .Story files)

Jan 30, 2017

Hey everyone - I started to experiment with some animations in Storyline that are a bit more dynamic and have a smoother motion. 

You can see it in action here! 

Thoughts? How would you use this?

I wanted the animations to have a nice ease from one state to another. I used a simple javascript tween/ease class to do this.

I also rigged this up to an animation I created using states so I could animated to different points in the animation. I will post this when it is ready to show another use.

Thanks to Nejc Žorga Dulmin for giving me the sliding menu background idea.

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Joe Shultheis

Thanks Leslie, However after I watched your short video, and then attempted to follow suit, I found I do NOT have an edit button. Not overly concerned about it but I would not generally have included my personal info. Was this video referring to something done prior to posting? How do I see an "Edit" option? Attached image shows my options.

Math Notermans

As since a while Storyline360 has GSAP in it by default, its quite easy to create animations with it.

As the sliding buttons for example...

Adding the Storyline360 sample. If you use Storyline 3 you need to add GSAP as library.

Kind regards,