Storyline: Hand cursor during shape hover - Can I stop this?

Jun 04, 2014

This question was actually asked before on this thread:

But was not answered because the question was unclear....although it made sense to me!

Here's the scenario: I've set up a freeform pick many quiz like Jeanette posted here:

Jeanette set this up using shapes with states rather than hotspots! I know that with a hotspot, you can turn off "Show hand cursor on hover", but I'm wondering if you can replicate this with a shape state?

If I right click on my shape, I don't get the hand cursor option, so I was wondering if there was any other work around.

In my pick many quiz scenario I don't want the user to just hover around the image to find the hand cursors and pick those areas. I'd like to turn off the hand cursor if possible.

I hope this makes sense!

I really appreciate any feedback!!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Amber,

I don't believe it's possible to modify the cursor with states. However, you could certainly place a hotspot over the shapes. Though I realize that may defeat some of the purpose of creating this using states, it would enable you to continue using states with triggers, and you'd be able to modify the cursor. 

Just a thought :)

Curious to see if anyone else has a suggestion for this as well.

Best of luck with the project,


Amber Wade

Thanks so very much for the information Christine. I really appreciate it! I sort of thought that would be the case.

I was trying to build a quiz out of the interaction, so what I have found is, the hotspots won't work because I'd like to have two or more hotspots be correct, and I think it's only possible to have one hotspot as a correct answer.

What I may end up doing is inserting some "fake" hover areas so the user won't know which are right or wrong.

I'll keep contemplating this, but again, in the meantime, I appreciate your response!!!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I can't think of a reverse workaround, as there isn't a way to disable the hand cursor for checkboxes (there is for hotspots) but I wonder if you want to share a copy of your .story file here with the community and then they can take a look at the set up and behavior you're seeing and offer some alternatives? 

Wendy Morgan

Here it is. Please note that this slide was ripped from a much larger module; it's really only the hand cursor issue that I'm concerned about in this thread. I've thought about putting arrows into the hover state, etc. to further specify which square is being selected, but the client feels the hand cursor is confusing. Ideas?!

Richard Presley

Wendy, I looked at your sheet and an easy work-around is to change your hover state from the green highlight to no highlight and change the color of the check box to light green (or some other color) so that only the box highlights when the learner hovers over it. This should be a lot clearer than the current green glow around the object. 

John Fritts

I have a similar issue. The attached is a quiz question with 49 errors on a form. The client wants to test a person's ability to find them all. I first tried hotspots but found that hotspots would be accepted on submit as correct answers. Next I drew ovals and set them to invisible in normal with a state change on selecting. So far so good, now the client says on hover the cursor changes from pointer to hand and serves to hint that the active oval is a error location. How to prevent the cursor change?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi John! That certainly looks like a tough quiz question! Here are a few tips I'd like to share:

  • Add an "invisible" rectangle to cover the entire slide, and place it behind the 49 ovals on the slide. Then, add that rectangle in Form View as an answer choice, but don't check it as correct. In essence, clicking anywhere in the rectangle would be incorrect. 
  • You may also want to add a "selected" state to each of the ovals, perhaps with a colored outline. This will help learners to know which ovals they have already selected, since it can be challenging to keep track of 49 different objects.

I hope those suggestions will work for your design!

John Fritts

Hi Alyssa,

Yup, I had the selected states defined already.

Eureka! Your solution is brilliant, although I do not understand why it works, since the invisible rectangle is behind the selection ovals.

Thanks so much, you saved my bacon.

Best Regards,

John Fritts
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Alyssa Gomez

Hey John, happy I could help!

It works because you added an additional "incorrect" option to the form view. In other words, the large rectangle is clickable so a hand mouse cursor will appear, but it isn't the right answer. 

By the way, replying via email includes your signature with contact information in the public forum.  Feel free to edit your reply here!

Crystal Horn

Hey John!  We're happy to help.  Just a little note - your contact information from your email signature is included when you reply via email.  You can click here to edit it out.

What you should see with Alyssa's trick is that the hand cursor doesn't go away, since the entire area is a "clickable" answer.  Now, there isn't any discerning between the empty space and the actual error fields.

Ross Mulligan

Sorry to bring this up again, but I need the opposite to work.  I have 8 boxes as hotspots on 8 different slides; each box represents the answer on a different slide.  Right now, the cursor is a finger over the entire thing, even where there is no clickable hotspot.  How can I set the interaction to only allow clicks where there exists a hotspot?  I remember Captivate having this kind of capability, so surely Storyline 3 does as well....