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May 06, 2021

I have 10 questions created in Storyline. The SME would like users to be able to go back to the previous question and change their answer. I notice the two options in When revisiting under slide properties . If I set it to resume initial state, when they click previous it will show no answer selected, correct? If I choose resume save state, they won't be able to change the answer. Are these the only two options? Ideally the user would click previous it would show their answer they selected but would also be able to change it and move on. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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Mcgem Minoc

Hi Alicia,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for the detailed inquiry.
When revisiting slides there are only 3 options we can choose from:

  • Resume saved state
  • Reset to initial state
  • Automatically decide

The Reset to initial state option is exactly what you said, the revisited slide will restart to the beginning of its timeline. The Resume saved state option should allow learners to replace or make changes in their interaction with any slide unless there is a trigger added to a slide that disables other choices when 1 is selected. Or perhaps the quiz is set up to submit interaction per slide? In that case, the slide will not allow changes since the interaction was already submitted. I suggest removing the Submit button for questions/slides 1 to 9 then have learners only press submit after all questions have been answered.

You can also check out this useful guide from articulate about Storyline 360: Adjusting Slide Properties

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes.