Storyline search feature

Jan 30, 2014

Hi - is it possible to add search functionality in Storyline, WITHOUT having to enable the menu feature?

 If this is not possible, does anyone have any workaround ideas?

Many thanks


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dave!

The Storyline search feature is dependent on the Menu display. By default, your menu shows as a sidebar, but did you know that you can move this and create it as a tab instead? Since this would move the entire menu to a tab, it may not be an option for you - but it could be something to consider if you'd like to only show the search function on demand. 

You can read more about player features here.

If you still need something custom, hopefully some of our community members can chime in with suggestions.

Thanks and good luck on the project!

Stefaniada Voichita

Any news about this function? Was is added? I need to search an entire course of many many slides for a particular word that was misspelled by a colleague that is gone now. Can I locate that word somehow using a Search function on the entire course instead of reading the entire course slide by slide and word by word? Hopefully this was implemented as it's been 2 years since requested. Please let me know. Thanks Stef

Jeffrey Riley

Lauren that is great. I am building a course for a client who wants the Classic look and the ability to do a search would help them. This is a course for continuing education credits so the people who approve this have very specific rules. 

I did note that if words are in the NOTES tab, search actually does list that slide on the menu. The issue is the participant has to clear the menu, then click the topic or topics that were listed. Ideally the person could go directly to that slide. In this case, the slide has a video and without a transcript, the best a person could do is listen again. I don't expect this feature to solve that problem but going to the slide would help.

Thank you.