Storyline slides do not run in right order


I am trialling SL at present and have encountered an issue today where the slides show in the correct order in menu and all views, but when previewed or published some play a different slide to the one shown in the menu?

e.g title is 'play this' and instead it plays a different slide.

I cannot find any reference on the forum to this, anyone got any ideas?

I do not know where to start as the slides appear in the right order and correctly labelled in 'view' but 'get creative' when previewed/published.

The only triggers for all slides are advance automatically to next slide at end of slide and if user clicks next.

Many thanks for any help!

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Debbie,

Not seeing the .story file I'm going to take a stab at a couple guesses. Let's start with the basics to resetting the menu.

Go to Player > Menu.

In the lower right had corner of that view, there are two icons - a gear (additional options), and a Page icon with a small blue arrow (Reset from Story). Click the Page icon.

This will reset all the slides in your Storyview in their numbering order.

If that works, Yay! If not, check this...

If you have more than one Scene, check to see which one is set to Starting Scene indicated by a small green flag. If any Scene other than Scene 1 has a green flag then you'll want to switch it back - In Story View right-click on Scene 1 > Click "Starting Scene."

Try that.

If you still have a wonky behavior would you be able to share the .story file so I (and others) can take a closer look?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Resetting the menu from story does the following:

  • Scene/slide titles revert back to the way they appear in your project.
  • Indent levels will be removed.
  • New titles that have been added will be removed.
  • Original scenes/slides that have been deleted will be restored.

So if you'll be changing them in the actual scene title that should allow it to work as expected.