Storyline / Workday / failed attempts

Oct 31, 2022

Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. We have numerous storyline modules with assessments. Staff are allowed 3 attempts to pass the assessment before their manager has to manually request a 4th. The issue we are having is that after a failed 1st attempt, our LMS (Workday) is recording it as 'failed' however, we need this to show as 'in progress' as they haven't officially 'failed' until after the 4th attempt. Would this be a Storyline or LMS issue? 

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It might be on both sides.  For the Storyline side, you need to see exactly what you are using to track and report completion. You should also look at the status it sends.  It sounds like you have "Passed/Failed" selected instead of "Passed/Incomplete" or "Completed/Incomplete".  One of these options might be better suited for your reporting.