Storyline player painfully slow to open

Jun 25, 2018

Is it just me being impatient, or has anyone else noticed that the Storyline player takes a loooong time to open now - to the point where I really dread having to go in there and make changes as it impacts pretty severely on the times it takes to develop a course.

Also, if I want to apply a different player, when I click on "Current Player" I invariably get an error message saying something went wrong. Then when I try to send the error report, I get this screen...


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Ren Gomez

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those details. Opening the player menu shouldn't cause the crashing you described!

I'd like to connect you with a support engineer to take a closer look at your setup and identify what could be causing the performance lag you're experiencing. Be on the lookout for a reply soon!

Alexander Reid

I believe it may be an issue with your software and virtualization of Windows 10 in macOS with Oracle Dropbox.  Because when I try on a native Windows 10 parition on my other Mac, it seems to work fine.

HOWEVER: when I performed "check for updates", it said I already had the latest update (#9), yet when I manually checked your website, there was a #10 available.  There is slight improvement when I go into the Player menu now, I can actually navigate to resources and select attachments, but if I don't move quickly enough in those dialogue boxes it can crash the entire operating system.

Katie Riggio

Hi Alexander!

Thanks for circling back.

I see that Darwin could recreate the problem and connected this to an open issue in Storyline 3:

  • Behavior: Selecting the player causes the software to crash.

I know this impacts your work, so I'll surface your latest note to my team and notify you the moment there's more to share. Thanks for bearing with us!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Alexander,

As promised, I'm popping back in to share an update on the issue you previously experienced. We just released another update to Storyline 3, so be sure to check out all the details on Build 3.12.24693.0 here. The issue you may be interested in specifically is:

Fixed: Storyline 3 could crash when applying the built-in player.

If you run into any issues after updating, please be sure to notify our support team directly here.