Strange behavior states in Drag and Drop Interaction

In a drag and drop interaction I want to hide a submit button until all drag objects are dropped on a target. I know it is possible using variables but I thought it is also possible using the trigger State.

When all drag objects are on a drop object, none of them has the status Normal. So a trigger When none of or When all are not should do the job.

In the attached project you see that differently completed Trigger Wizzard forms are leading to the same trigger, but different (unexpected) behavior of the Submit button.

You can view the output on


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David Schwartz

Hi Phil,

I was playing with this yesterday, and tried that myself, and it still did not work. Also set some variables based on the states of the drag objects, and could validate that they changed, but could not find any way to make the triggers run to change the states of the Submit buttons.


David Schwartz

OK, got it working without variables. Both of them are working, but Button 2 is the way to go. I keyed off of the states of the drop objects rather than of the drag objects, and for some reason, it was happy with that. I had to set the state of the drop items when the drag items were incorrect, so obviously the colors of those should change, which I did not do. (For Button 1, I set its initial state to normal, and set a trigger to hide it when any of the drop objects have a normal state, but although it works, it just makes it more complicated.)


Chris Dorna

Hi Phil and David,

Thank you for searching for a solution. The project is for one of my customers and I do not want to bother them with variables. 

It is strange that On state works on states of the drop objects but not on the drag objects. Davids solution can only be used for one drag object on each drop object.

I will ask Articulate support to have a look and determine if this is perhaps a bug.

Case: #01898016