Student Answer Not Showing in Print Results

Oct 26, 2020


I am searching the threads, but not finding exactly what I need. Hope someone can help. I have a quiz built in 360 that when I use the print results feature, the student answer is not showing. What do I need to do so that the student answer also shows on the print results details?

Thank you,

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Katie Riggio

Hello Rhona,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Did the learner leave the course in the middle of the quiz? I ask because we have an open issue where student answers in the report.html don't appear when a quiz is taken in another session.

If that doesn't match your experience, could you share the .story file with me for testing? You can use this private link. I'm eager to find what's causing the missing responses!

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Markee! I am sorry for the issues you are experiencing. 

If you’re running into the same issue as Katie described, we still have an open issue for that. It would help our team to have additional files for testing since the reports have been limited. Then I can determine if you are experiencing the same issue as Rhona, or something different.

Also, if you could share your .story file with me here, or privately in a case, that would help us test out what you are experiencing. Once we're done testing, we will delete it from our systems.