Submit Button Not Working Properly


The quiz submit button is not working for multiple select questions when you have an incorrect answer but it does work if you have a correct answer.  I've tried recreating it, copying from slides that are working properly, rebooting, and recreating the course, and nothing has worked.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Laura and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

I was unable to track down a support case for you. Did you get a confirmation email with your case number? If not, it may not have submitted properly.

Just in case, I've opened a support case on your behalf and sent along a private upload link for you to share your file.

Katie Riggio

Hi Rebecca,

I'm sorry to hear you reached this roadblock, too. I'm happy to take a look!

Quick clarifying questions to help us find a fix:

  • Which Storyline 360 are you using? Click the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Is this happening with any template or a certain one? I tested Illuminate and Radiance in Update 47, where the Submit button works correctly on my side.
  • Does the problem appear in the published output, during preview, or both?
Brett Wiebell

I ran into this same issue using the Vitality template. I found a fix. The Submit interaction seemed to not work on one click but it would work after clicking the Submit button a second time. I added the Submit interaction to when the user clicks on the radio button for all wrong answers so that would be the first trigger and then when the user clicks the Submit button it would be the second trigger and it would work like normal. 

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for letting us know which template you're using, Brett. I created a small sample file with the 3 built-in multiple-choice questions available.

I do not see an issue with having to click the Submit button twice. I'm curious if you may have removed the Try Again layer? 

If there is not a Try Again layer available and there are multiple attempts, it will appear that you have to click Submit more than once when an incorrect answer is given.

For example:

  • Multiple choice question with 2 attempts:
    • With Try Again Layer: 
      • 1st Incorrect answer = Try Again Layer
      • 2nd Incorrect answer = Incorrect Layer
    • Without Try Again Layer:
      • 1st Incorrect answer = nothing
      • 2nd Incorrect answer - Incorrect Layer

Take a look at the file attached and let me know if you're experiencing the same behavior with clicking Submit more than once.