Submit 'in progress' score to VLE Grade Centre?


I have a Storyline Quiz which students access through the Blackboard Learn VLE as a SCORM package. So that students can only take this at the correct time, like an exam, the containing folder is set to only be available at that time.

So, when I test the quiz, say I've made it available from 0900 to 0930. At 0930, the quiz navigation freezes. So far so good: I want students to have to stop working at 0930.

However, if a student has not completed the entire quiz, the Blackboard Learn Grade Centre just shows their grade as being 'In Progress' in perpetuity. What I would like is for, if the student has answered 10/20 slides with a 50% correct answer rate, for the Grade Centre to show a grade of 25%.

Is it possible to do this? Put another way: can every slide in the quiz report the 'result so far' so that if the student is cut off by the time limit after 10 slides, they nonetheless get credit for their answers on slides 1-10?

Thanks very much!

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