Submitting results via trigger rather than by visiting a results slide

Is it possible to submit the results for an assessment without actually visiting the results slide that the questions are targeting? I recently came across a course where the result slide was not part of the navigation. The developer just added a trigger to "submit results" to the same button they used to "submit interaction". 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Randall,

Yup - this is still accurate. We submit the score when an individual lands on the results slide based on the "submit results" trigger. Perhaps you've moved that trigger to another location or you're tracking based on another slide set up? What LMS are you using to host the course? How are they confirming they never visited the results slide yet they're seeing the score? From within the LMS that's displaying? If you wanted to see the information that Storyline is passing to your LMS you could always enabled LMS debug mode as detailed here.  

Coral Brevig

I have a course that requires learners to meet 2 objectives in order to receive completion credit: they must view all of the course content AND spend at least 1 hour in the course. The player has a timer feature incorporated, and a Timer Results Slide is triggered to display once the timer reaches 60 minutes. However, the results cannot be submitted until the learner has also reached the final slide of the course, ensuring they've viewed all the course content. I've attempted to set the course up so that the final slide is a regular slide (not a Results Slide) with a trigger that submits the results of the Timer Results Slide. This isn't working. Any suggestions?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Coral,

The "submit results" trigger is specific to submitting the results associated with the results slide, and can't be used on a plain non-results slide. If you need to pass completion when a users hits a particular slide you may want to take a look at this method here.

You could also use the option to track completion by visiting X number of slides, and if your final "timer" slide will only be shown upon reaching a certain criteria make sure that total number of slides includes the timer slide. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lucy,

That discussion is quite a bit older! 

A learner would need to visit your results page to have everything calculate correct and pass to the LMS. If you're looking to set up something custom that *doesn't look* like a results slide you can absolutely do that - just drag all the items on the slide off stage but keep it intact. That'll still allow the results and score to be sent to your LMS! 

Mihai Horga

Hi Ashley,

I have a slightly similar issue. I have in the beginning of the course a scene with a few pretest questions associated with Result slide 1, followed by the course content and a in the end a scene with posttest questions associated with Result slide 2. The posttest questions are actually the same with the pretest questions, to see the progress before and after.

I want the learner to not see the results of the pretest until the end, when I want them to be displayed along with the posttest results. So the last pretest slide results should be submitted, but after that Result slide 1 should not appear, instead the first slide of the content should appear.

The problem is that when clicking the Submit button on the last pretest slide, Result slide 1 appears automatically. I tried setting the submit responses trigger to "When timeline starts" as discussed in another thread (, but the popup box "you must submit" appears automatically before the learner gets a chance to tick an answer.

So, how can one submit a response and move to another slide than the Response slide, while still recording the responses in the Response slide, to be able to show them in the end of the course?

Thank you very much