SumTotal Mobile App to view Storyline courses?

Mar 20, 2013

I am currently running into a host of issues related to courses being run within SumTotal's Mobile App (for iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy Tab).

To begin with, my formatting seems off.  In every case, the course is not filling the screen, instead staying to the left with a large white area to the right.  Check my story size settings, and they are set to Scale to Fit (if size is larger or smaller).

My player browser settings are set to "resize browser to fill screen" and "scale player to fill browser window" .  I am outputting to HTML5, but not selecting Articulate Mobile Player option (have tried it both ways though).  

In addition, I have a video in the course that doesn't play.  Not sure if the issue is story side or server side.  

I have taken a step back and decided to create course for iPad/iPhone only, so we are willing to dismiss the Samsung issues at this time.  However, we will eventually need a solution that is broader reaching.   

This is a new issue.  My first 4 test courses worked fine until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when they started getting "wonky" (technical term).  Course content was NOT changed in the LMS during that timeframe, making the issues seem completely random.

Does anyone have any experience with SumTotal's Maestro LMS and the SumTotal Mobile App?

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Natalie Sikes

Hello.  I don't have an answer to your question, but I was curious to see if you've had any new developments since your post.  I'm interested in trying the SumTotal mobile app with Storyline.  I was also curious to see if you've tried any other authoring tools with the SumTotal app and had different results.

Ryan Sweeney

There were updates since this post to both the SumTotal App and to Storyline that cleaned up alot of the issues I was encountering, most notably, the instances of screen flicker I was getting when using layers on a mobile device.

As an aside on the SumTotal app.  I've used it with success with Storyline when viewing courses on iPad's.  There was an app update issued by SumTotal back in May that helped a ton in cleaning up a bunch of weird little issues. 

However, their support on the Android side seems lacking.  The same update was not made available on the Android side.

I am currently testing  the SumTotal app in iOS 7 and it broke my formatting a little, but it isn't terrible.  I've contacted SumTotal with my concerns.  The issues do not appear to be with Storyline. 

Until I get an answer on the app, I am holding off on updating our remaining training devices to iOS 7.

Hope this helps.

Natalie Sikes

Thanks for the update.  I'm glad to know that there are improvements to the SumTotal app.  I have a couple of additional questions for you, if you don't mind.

1.  Are you able to use all features of Storyline in the app, including those features that don't work with HTML5 (viewing via the browser)?

2.  Are you able to remove the Sumtotal app (or a training module within the app) remotely from a user's device?  I was wondering how that worked from a security perspective when an employee leaves the company or when the training becomes obsolete.

Thanks for your help!

elish shachor

Hi Ryan!

I knows that your post from 3 yaers ago but maybe you could help me.

Did you find any aswer to your question about the Articulate App settings?

I am looking for more information, two points bother me:

1. The poit you already  talked about -  the course is not filling the screen and by the way it is very small!!!! Like I set my players options to the MAX.

2. antoher point - I set my player to use Hebrew, and text is read from rigt to left' in HTML5 it is works well but in the app the text is from  left to right.

I will be happy to get more information.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elish!

The issue mentioned here was related to the Sumtotal Mobile App. Are you utilizing a 3rd party app or are you utilizing the Articulate Mobile Player?

If the latter and you are utilizing our app, you can see a comparison of functionality here. The browser size and re-sizing options are not available for AMP. Please also note that right to left does not fully work as you can see when you hover over the icon in the AMP column.

Crystal Horn

Elish, I hear you.  Your slide content should still support right-to-left text, but those items on the player (Menu, Resources, etc) will not work with the Articulate Mobile Player or in HTML5 (most mobile browsers).  I can imagine how that might be confusing if the player elements don't match what's on your slide when viewing the course on a mobile device.  Would you be able to share your experience here in a feature request so our development team can know how important it is to you?  Thanks Elish!