Switching to MacBook Pro from Windows

Jun 04, 2021


I just switched over from using a Windows laptop to a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip processor. I was successfully able to install Parallels, Windows, and Articulate onto the VM. 

I was just curious if anyone has any helpful tips or tricks when working on a Mac as I have been a Windows gal my whole life. I am hoping to make a smooth transition, but I know there will be a learning curve. 

Anything helpful is appreciated! 

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Matthew Malandro

Hello Tori!

As someone who switches back and forth between Windows and Mac on a daily basis, I can say from experience that I know the transition can be interesting at times. Parallels in full screen can be your best friend in the beginning while you become familiar with the new experience.

I found this article "Mac tips for Windows switchers" to be very helpful for going over the main differences and key shortcuts that are new for you in the MacOS experience.

You may also be interested in reviewing this article: "Using Articulate Software on a Mac with Parallels Desktop" as it goes over many tips and recommended practices.

Best of luck!