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Laurie Necasek

I would like to add another suggestion related to tab order. Currently in SL 360 you can only move one item at a time to re-order it in the tab order. I suggest that you could choose multiple items to move all the same time. You could do this hitting CTRL and click on the ones you want to select, then drag and drop the group of items to move them in the list. It is super time consuming to have to move each item one at a time.

Another suggestion is mirror the tab order to the order of the items in the timeline. The timeline items and the tab order could be synced so that any time changes are made, they are made in both places. This could also save some time especially when working with multiple layers. 

I'm running into this issue today working on a slide. I have 5 layers in addition to the base layer and I'm having to move each item one at a time in the tab order (which is basically in backwards order of what it should be). If you can provide me with any tips to do this more efficiently, I would love to hear suggestions! Thank you!

Mark Rash

I agree with the need both for syncing the timeline & tab order, and selecting/moving multiple objects in the tab order at one time. Currently it is tedious to move objects, and because they are not in sync with the timeline, a slide with several layers gets quite challenging to tell what tab order is actually going to be applied. I am working on a slide with 7 layers, each displayed upon the user clicking an object on the base layer, so the current method is a bit of a pain.