Tables don't display in states

Hi everyone, 

I'm working on a slide in Storyline 360 with several tabs to reveal different sections of information, each section is built as a state however I ran into a problem. Some of the states include a table, I was able to copy the table into the state without any problem however when I preview the slide the table is not visible. Is this a known limitation of tables (in the same way that they can't be grouped)? Has anyone else run into this issue? 

I could rebuild the slide to use layers rather than states however I chose states so that I could include entrance and exit animations when the user switches tabs so I'm curious whether there's a fix. 

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Becca Levan

Thanks for following up, Ron!

Sorry you've run into this. There is no news yet, but you're in the right place to get updated when any progress is made.

Would utilizing Slide Layers work in your design? I'm hopeful to see what ideas/workarounds our community members will chime in with as well!

David Hovard

Just adding my voice to the crowd requesting/wishing/hoping for the ability to change states for a table.  I am using motion paths with triggers and cue points as a workaround for adding motion to my accessible modules.  NVDA will not read the objects unless they begin at zero and end at the end of the timeline.  

I would use a separate slide for the table but the lead-in information for using the table is only 14 seconds and a 14 second slide seems absurd since accessibility requires a NEXT and Previous button on each slide.  I'm not inclined to add extraneous information to fill out a slide.

It would be great if I could simply disable the table for 14 seconds until I need it.  

Any progress on this issue?  :-(

Here's hoping and wishing.  

Math Notermans

In my opinion you can better use a third party Javascript library to implement your tables in Storyline and/or Rise. Especially when you want it to be dynamic like my Feature Request System i build here.
Check it on Review here:

It uses this Javascript library for its tables.

As you can see there you can easily style your tables and make all kinds of interactions with it.

Im gonna mockup a sample with it and will share that.

Math Notermans

As said i made a sample showing the power of Tabulator when you need tables in Storyline.

Choose a Style for your table by clicking one of the CSS buttons...then your table shows... and you can edit parts of it when wanted... eg. change the green/red active mark at the end of the table...

Storyline source file added...