Tables don't display in states

Nov 12, 2018

Hi everyone, 

I'm working on a slide in Storyline 360 with several tabs to reveal different sections of information, each section is built as a state however I ran into a problem. Some of the states include a table, I was able to copy the table into the state without any problem however when I preview the slide the table is not visible. Is this a known limitation of tables (in the same way that they can't be grouped)? Has anyone else run into this issue? 

I could rebuild the slide to use layers rather than states however I chose states so that I could include entrance and exit animations when the user switches tabs so I'm curious whether there's a fix. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Annabelle. I'd love to work closely with you to find out what's happening with the tables here. Could you help me with these key details?

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Where are the tables being copied from?
  • Could you share your .story file so I can have a closer look? I'll try to replicate the experience and consult with our team on the behavior. Feel free to attach it to this discussion, or send it to me privately by using this link.

Looking forward to helping!

Annabelle Grew

Hi Katie, 

Thanks, I'm using Storyline 360 v3.17.16188.0

The table was created on the base layer of the slide and then copied into the state (the table displayed correctly on the base layer, and displays correctly if you copy it from the state back onto the base layer)

I've sent you a sample slide where this behaviour is happening. 

Katie Riggio

Appreciate you sharing a sample with me, Annabelle!

I just replied in our case where I'm experiencing the same behavior. Have no fear, as I've enlisted the help of our Support Team for a second opinion on this. Someone from the team will be in touch shortly, and I'll follow along. We'll figure this out together!

Katie Riggio

Oh no! Sorry you're at a similar roadblock, Amaelle.

I had a look at Annabelle's case, and see that we logged tables do not show when the applicable state is showing as a potential software bug. I'll add your experience to our report so we can update you on any new developments.

For now, the workaround is to use Slide Layers instead of states if you need to trigger a table to show on a click.

If there's anything else I can do to help, I'll be here!

Ren Gomez

Hi Nicole,

No news yet, but you're in the right place to get updated when any progress is made.

Thanks for explaining your interaction as well. If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, or you’re always welcome to share with our Support Engineers here. This will give us a better idea on how to offer a suggestion or workaround!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephanie,

No update at this time, but I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

This conversation is attached so that we can share any updates with you here.

In the meantime, the current workaround is to use Slide Layers instead of states to trigger a table to show on a click.

Hope this helps!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Christopher!

Thanks for writing in, and I'm sorry to hear that you hit this issue.

It's currently in the early stages of our How We Tackle Bugs process. I'll surface your post to my team and come back with any new info.

If this has you in a bind, we can help you work around it. Use the link below to open a case, where our team will provide the next step:

James Mitchell

I was trying to do something similar but opposite. I wanted to have different states in a table, that showed as they roll over various hotspots. Then realised that it won't let you create new states in a table. 

My workaround was to export the blank table as an image and bring it back in, then create text boxes for each of the table fields within the image. I was then able to create states on the image with the text boxes inside and update the content that way. Works perfectly