Testing variable values in Storyline

Hello all,

I use variables in my intro scene to identify the users of our 3 locations. There are several additional scenes which use those variables to customize the content accessed by those users. However, the variable from the intro scene doesn't pass through to other scenes when testing those scenes individually, hindering my testing efforts.

I know variables can be set within an individual scene but this can be a dangerous oversight if not removed after testing. What methods do you all use to test variables through branched content, without impacting the actual program? 

Any thoughts or ideas?


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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's one way to do it. I use this when I have lots of variables, especially if I need certain values to navigate through the course. When you're ready to publish, you can remove the tab on the player and also hide the slide so no one gets to it.

Here's the demo course

Tutorial below shows how to set it up.