Text Entry Fields Reset

Oct 24, 2012

Is there away to allow text entry fields to reset to their default, "Type your answer here..." state? Even with slides set to "Reset to initial state", the text entry fields remain populated with whatever text the user input live.


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rakesh kumar


I have created a text entry question and select the "Answers are case sensitive" option and put correct answer as "Rakesh". But while I attempting the question and enter a space after "Rakesh" like "Rakesh ". If shows correct option, while it should be incorrect. So can you please let me the solution for this asap.

Rakesh Kumar

Alyssa Gomez

You're right, Rakesh. The extra space is accepted in the Flash output of Storyline 3 and Storyline 360, but not in the HTML5 output. 

Is there a reason you need to use the Flash output, or are you able to use the HTML5 output for your course?

I'll let our team know about this issue in Flash. Thanks for bringing this up!

Kirby Phillips

Not sure if this is due to the latest update, but resetting text variables to (blank) upon timeline start (slide is also set to Reset to initial state) is not working anymore. It's keeping the previously entered text upon second visit to the page. Namely on graded Fill In the Blank pages.

Anyone else experiencing this? 

Khusairi Che Husin

Hi Katie
i also facing the same problem as Kirby, and worse i got so many text entry data. if i using the previously entered text as the  answer it will mess up all the trigger and will keep showing on top of other layer. Already pass file and report (Case # 02347523). Hope u can advice this issue quickly. Thanks in advance 


John Michael Garcia

Hi! I'm using Storyline 3 and been trying to do this.

I want to clear the input in the data entry field on Slide 1 by clicking a CLEAR button located on Slide 2.

What I did is to create a Trigger, then upon clicking the CLEAR button, it will set the value of the variable assigned to the data entry field to (blank).

Whenever I run the project, it does not do what it is supposed to do.