Text formatting issue in multiple choice quizzes

Aug 30, 2021

Hi all, I've attached a short video example of a couple of issues I've been having. There seems to be a strange text formatting issue in the various states of my quiz. As it changes to the hover or selected states, some of the characters change ever so slightly. You can see it clearly on the 'F' of some of the words. I've changed font too and I get the same sort of issues, either a character changes slightly or the text shrinks.


There's also another issue in the second part of the video where if I switch to tablet preview, it looks like the hover and selected states are in a different position than the normal state, which they aren't.


When I go Edit States in the main workspace, they're all identical apart from the necessary colour changes. Does anyone have any idea what would cause these issues?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Cormac,

It looks like there are two issues here that appear when you preview your course:

  1. Fonts are shifting when in a Hover or Selected state.
  2. When previewing the tablet option, the answer option itself jumps when hovering.

You mentioned you've tried other fonts but experienced the same issue. Was it a built-in font like Arial that you tested?

If you're able to share your file, our support team can take a closer look and help narrow it down. Connect with our team here, and they can provide some 1-1 help!