Text is not wrapping in text entry boxes

Jun 27, 2018

I am using a grid full of text entry boxes to create a table that can be filled in. Live in my storyline file it looks perfect while I'm working on it. In preview and when published and put into Rise, an overflow problem occurs. The text in the text entry fields are not wrapping, shrinking, or using a scroll bar, they are overflowing out of the fields.

I have "Wrap text in shape" checked and have even tried "Shrink text on overflow" to no avail. 


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Xavier Mangels

Hi Ashley, was this resolved? I'm having an issue wrapping text in Rise 360. It looks just fine in edit mode, even if I resize the browser window, but when I publish as scorm, share through review 360 or preview, it looks weird. Can you please help? I have screen captures attached.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Mark!

I appreciate you sharing a .story file with us! Unfortunately, what you're running into is a software bug that we've logged with our team. The scroll bar isn't appearing when input text exceeds the text entry field when using the Modern Player. 

I've added your comments to the bug report so we can track customer impact and update you when a fix is released. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!