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Steve Flowers

Not with the built-in TTS feature. The 360 feature is for generation at authoring time.

However, if you wanted to tinker a bit with online services (Amazon Polly, https://responsivevoice.org/, https://www.vocalware.com/) you could certainly feed dynamic text into an engine and have that play back in real time.

Daniel Mies

Hi Ren,

Thanks for getting back to me :)

I would use it to have text entry variables read back to the user in real time.  Specifically I'm developing a scenario base  ungraded question that has the learner answer a "why" question with an entry text block and then displaying their answer next to the established answer and allowing them to compare the two.  What I would like is to have a text-to-speech read their answer back to the learner before my narrator reads the correct answer back to them, that way they hear both.


This feature would really help for high level eLearning.