Text-to-Speech Problems


I am having intermittent problems with text-to-speech in Articulate Storyline 360. 

There are time when I have to go back into a page/slide and correct or adjust audio. Sometimes in the most random fashion, I make the change and then click update/save, when I then go to preview the page/slide or preview the scene and then get back to that page, the audio won't play at all. The audio is there. I can see it. I can even edit it if needed but when I try to play it, I can't hear it.

The only fix to this so far is that I have to create a completely new slide/page. Recreate all of the elements on that slide/page. Then add the audio from text to speech to the new page and sometimes that fixes it on the first try. 

Often times though, I have to do this fix more than a few times before it takes. It's really odd and strange.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Mike,

Thanks for providing all of that helpful detail. We'll sort this mystery together!

I tested a mock-up project in the latest build of Storyline 360 Update 43 where the text-to-speech audio played smoothly in Preview and the audio editor.

From your post, it sounds like this happened in multiple projects? If that's right, repairing the app is a good first step: 

Let me know if you notice an improvement after!

Mike Mills

Hi Katie,

Thank so much for the reply. I am using the most recent update to Storyline 360. It has happened now on multiple projects and it appears to be a very random problem. I will repair the app and then report back on if that helps.

It's so random that I may not know for a while if the app repair helped but I will check back in within a few weeks.