Text to Speech Voices

Aug 15, 2018

I love that Storyline has the text to speech options, but I am looking for other voices that can either be purchases and implemented through Storyline or something similar.  

Any suggestions?

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LaWaune Netter

Hi Alyssa,

We'd like to have more accent options. For example, speaking English with
global accents like French, Latin American and South Asian. We love the
time savings computer-generated voices provide and look forward to more
improvements with the technology with variation inflection or pitch control.


Don Becker

The issue we are having are that most of the voices sound very robotic.  Now I understand that the voices are auto generated, but Joanna and Matthew have the most...normal human sounding voices instead of something from a sci-fi movie.  I would definitely like some additional voice options as well, preferably with a less robotic tone in their voice.

Angie Hanks

Since many statistics say people are less likely to read text only, I have relied heavily on the text-to-speech option for all my courses but I agree with Don. The feedback I get from my courses are the voices sound robotic and the my users will immediately reject the course because of the voice of the text-to-speech person. I would like to have other options of more normal English speaking voices. I currently use Joanna but the users of my courses don't like any of the other voices. The management team has even considered recording all of our content in a recording studio and then adding it to the course but as we all know, that takes considerable time, resources, money, retakes, and prolongs the scope of the project. I look forward to some other voices options in Storyline 360 if available in the near future.

William Butler

Just found this thread and hoping Articulate has taken some action.

Our company has several facilities in the Bahamas and the best we can do is force them to use American English or British English. American English is a little tougher to understand, while British English brings with it the whole specter of the rather fraught history of the Colonial era where most Bahamians were enslaved or otherwise oppressed. We want to avoid association with this period and use a native-sounding voice.

Becca Levan

Hello William,

Thank you for following up here and sharing the importance of having additional language options in Storyline.

I've added your voice to the report we're tracking for increasing language options, and as soon as we have updates to share, you'll be notified now that you're subscribed to this thread.