Text to Voice issue

This is the sentence: "After the individual commodities are classified, the area of high- piled storage is designated. A high-piled storage area is a space within a building that is designated, intended, proposed or used for high-piled combustible storage. "

I'm using "Matthew" and he pronounces "piled" correctly until the end of the sentence (where I have it highlighted and bold).  I run into glitches where I can change a word or spell it phonetically, but I'm stumped with this.  It has to said as written.  What can I do? Thanks!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Norma!

Thank you for attaching the sound file! I was able to copy the text into a new project and add the same text-to-speech interaction. I heard the exact same glitch you mentioned. The first two times Matthew reads "high-piled" it's read correctly, and the last time it sounds like "high-biled". 

We do have a bug logged for this type of glitch when using Matthew for text-to-speech. I'm going to add your comments to the report so we can continue investigating.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention! I'll make sure to report back when I have more information. 

Norma Kaplan

Lauren, thank you!  That will be helpful. In the meantime, I parsed the sentences where Matthew mispronounced "high-piled."  I recorded "high-piled..." on its own and put them in order.  So it works and only sounds like Matthew pauses. 

A few other words Matthew has a problem with are: uses, address, separate (just off the top of my head). 

Norma Kaplan

One more very important issue that I fogot about are words ending with "ing." 

Try out this sentence and you'll see what I mean:

"Tire buffing operations must be located in a room separated from the remainder of the building housing the tire rebuilding or tire recapping operations by a 1-hour fire barrier."