Thai character's tone symbol is shifting on specific characters

Jul 06, 2021

We have proposed some font style to our client and we come to an agreement to use 2 ~ 3 Thai fonts from Google. But then we realize one of the font will run into a problem that specific characters' tone symbol will slightly shift to the left.


Problematic characters are:


I am attaching the sample Storyline file here. You can see that I grab screenshot while the text layer was still in the slide-editing mode, and it looks fine. But in preview mode (as well as in browser's mode), the tone symbol is shifted.


Please also try installing below two fonts for this testing.

Triong will have such issue, but same strings / characters with the same font in other authoring tool work fine. I think this worth to look into the possible root cause.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Arith!

Thank you for sharing all of the resources for us to test this issue with Thai symbols! Since others have reported the same issue, we have logged this as a possible software bug, Thai symbols shifting.

I've linked these resources and comments to our report for further testing. We'll keep you updated in this discussion on the progress of a fix.