The Left Arrow is STILL hardcoded to one action only

Aug 13, 2022

My client wants the Back button to go to the actual previous slide in the sequence of slides, not to the slide last visited. In another authoring tool I use, there are two choices you can assign: Slide Last Visited and Previous Slide (in the sequence). That makes it easy to choose but the default is the actual previous slide in the sequence of slides. I've looked for a solution and I see this has been requested for at least nine years and several versions of Storyline and still there is no solution outside HARDCODING each and every slide to go back to the previous slide on the left arrow. Why is it so hard to implement this option so we don't get bogged down in a maintenance nightmare? Not only does it take a while to make sure each slide goes to the proper destination but heaven forbid we need to add or delete a slide at some point and forget to change the destinations?

When can we see this long-requested feature?

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Joe Tansengco

Hey Joe,

Thanks for reaching out!

 We still do not have the option to customize the functionality of Storyline 360's Player features in our roadmap, so I included this thread in an open feature request that we have for adding more customization options to the Player settings. Here's a quick look at how we manage feature requests for your reference. I understand that this feature is taking a while to get implemented, but we'll definitely let you know as soon as there are any updates!

Joe Ganci

Thanks, Joe. It seems to me that after nine or ten years that this feature has been requested, it should have been put on the roadmap long ago. In my view, this shouldn't even be a question of a feature request. It should have been part of Storyline 1's original functionality. Here's hoping that we see this on the roadmap very soon.