Time for a proper conversation about FEATURE REQUESTS?

Feb 02, 2022

Like most other members of the Storyline community, I have enthusiastically sent in feature requests and joined others' requests for new functionality.

Also, like many other users, I am extremely disappointed that so few of our requests are implemented, and there is no 'database' showing the progress of any of our suggestions.

The move to a subscription-based model for Articulate 360 comes with certain responsibilities; to constantly innovate your product so that your customer base is continuously experiencing new ways of working.  The feature requests I have seen, contain dozens of ideas I would LOVE to see in the SL toolkit.  Alas, I feel the Feature Request is merely a way to deflect criticism and an attempt to appease users.

In other software environments, I would expect to be invited to Developer Conferences where roadmaps are shared and more ideas exchanged.  I would expect to see quarterly updates that add new design and functionality; new innovation! And I would expect to feel that my subscription delivered VALUE to me.  Instead, it feels that I am paying for a product that is going nowhere.

I think it is time to have a proper discussion about the future of the product; to hear from Articulate, how it intends to retain our business.  

We rely on an authoring tool to allow us to excel at what we do.  If that tool is not at the peak of innovation, how can we be?

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