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Eileen Fernandez-Parker

6 years later, I have the same question. I set the Rise settings to restrict the usage path to be in order.  Within my LMS, there don't seem to be any settings to track whether a person actually clicked on a video. It seems that once it populates on the screen, the SCORM package fills the circle on the left whether the video is clicked or not.

This seems to be more of a Rise issue than my LMS. Any guidance is appreciated.



Lauren Connelly

Hi Eileen!

Are you adding your videos as embedded web content in Rise? Since embedded videos are viewed outside Rise, there isn't a way for Rise to track if the user completes the video. 

I'd recommend downloading a copy of your video so that you can add it directly into Rise using a Multimedia > Video block. This way, you can use a continue block to make sure your user completed the video before moving forward with the rest of your course.