Training Program Test Out Assessment - Multiple Result Slides?

Feb 03, 2022

Hi all,

We're looking to implement a training test out assessment for one of our clinical audiences. Having some trouble identifying the best approach for the course design. Here is the scenario:

1. Single question slide - User is asked about their past experience using the tool to determine test out eligibility

  • Choice of 3 responses
  • If user selects A - they are eligible to attempt the test out - can proceed to quiz, no Result should be submitted to LMS. Result will be submitted from the assessment they are going to take.
  • If user selects B or C - they are inelidgble to test out - must continue with full training program & report a Failure for test out item to LMS.

2. If user is eligible to test out, they take a 20 question assessment (5 pts each):

  • Passing score: 90% (2 incorrect)
  • Retry Score: 85 - 89% (3 incorrect)
  • Failure Score: <84% (4 incorrect)
  • Results should be submitted if the user Passes or Fails only - not for Retry.

3. If the user scores 85%-89% and is able to Retry:

  • Passing Score: 90%
  • No Retry
  • Results should be submitted if user Passes or Fails. 

Hoping for some insight into the following:

1. Best approach to report a failure only for the test out eligbilty question. 

2. For the test out assessment, how can I configure the Retry attempt to display based on a specific score range.

3. I only want to submit results on the first attempt if they Pass (90%+) or Fail (<84%). If they score 85 - 89%, no results should be submitted and they should get to retry. There should only be 1 retry attempt, so no retry scoring range would exist for the second attempt.

4. Is it even possible to have a Passing Score (90%+) and a different Failure Score (<84%)? 



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Leslie McKerchie
Hi Chris, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

To answer your question, yes, you can have multiple result slides.

Track Multiple Completion Criteria

I look forward to hearing design ideas from folx in the community, but I'll share my initial thoughts:
  1. I'd recommend this question to have buttons to branch to the correct slides needed vs. having this be a question slide:
    • A - Branches to quiz
    • B and C - Branches to next slide that has a hidden question, which is marked as incorrect and gets sent to a report slide and completed.
  2. The retry will be set automatically based on the pass score set.
    Storyline 360: Adding Result Slides
  3. The retry will be granted based on not hitting the pass score set. You can add an additional trigger and layer to your result slide for when the result score percentage is less than 84%.
    You can set the retry attempts as well.
    Storyline 360: Working with Triggers
    Here’s How You Can Limit Quiz Retries in Articulate Storyline
  4. Yes, this pairs with #3 above and you can control which layer the learner is presented with.
Please feel free to share your draft project when you get started if you need any specific help.
Christopher Cerulli

Thanks for the feedback, Leslie! I have been working on this development but still running into some completion errors with our LMS. 

I have a follow up question about the Success, Failure, and Retry layers of the results. I've configured the triggers and variables to behave correctly based on the Result Score Percentage, but I am having trouble with the Submit Results triggers. 

Currently, I have 2 submit results triggers - one on the Success layer and one on the Failure layer. So, "Submit Results of X.XX Results Slide when timeline starts on this layer". 

Is this the correct approach to handle the Submit Results trigger? The only other thing I can think of is having a Submit Results on the Results Slide that submits based on the Result Score Percentage being Greater than or Equal to the Passing Score Percentage variable and another that submits based on the Result Score Percentage being Less than or Equal to a custom Failure Score Percentage variable.

Do you have another recommendation? Thanks again!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Christopher.

The submit results trigger should be on your Results slide. You can then create triggers to show the specific layer (Success, Failure, and Retry), depending on their score.

I created a sample project that I'm attaching here, but below is an explanation of what it does:

  • The first slide has three buttons:
    • A - jumps to the quiz slide and changes a variable called TestOut to "Yes".
    • B and C jump to the content slide while keeping the value of TestOut as "No".
  • The first slide of the quiz is hidden, and it's a survey that sends the value of TestOut to the LMS. You can read more about this process here. 
  • The sample quiz has three questions, so in this case, they can get a score of 0 to 3. 
    • A score of 0 or 1: Failure layer. No chance to retry.
    • A score of 2: Retry layer.
    • A score of 3: Success layer. They pass the test. 
  • I also created a True/False variable, so the user only gets one more chance.

Let me know if you have any questions after reviewing the .story file attached.

I hope this helps!