Transfer Course from one laptop to a "SECURE" government laptop

Jun 17, 2022

I need a way to transfer my courses from my personal laptop to my "SECURE" laptop. The secure laptop does not allow external drives to connect. However, on Articulate 360, I can upload zip courses. I need to be able to use this folder to temporarily upload my RAW courses files there and download them to my SECURE laptop. Who do I talk to, to make that happen? Please HELP.

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Thaddeus Ashcliffe

One thing that might work, though it would be a pain.  Break the course in to multiple scenes and email them to your secure email account.

Break the course into separate scenes.
Cut anything not needed for that scene.  Delete all screen recordings you aren't using, all templates not used in the scene etc.
You may need to save each scene multiple times to get the file size down.

Email to your account. 
Reassemble your course again on the secure device. 

Walt Hamilton

Your .story file IS a zip file. If it helps, you can change the .story extension to .zip, do your thing with it, and when it gets to its new home, change the extension back to .story so Articulate will open it.

The bottom line is that it is a normal computer file. You can do anything to it that the laptop will allow. Whether that is (like Thaddeus said) emailing it, or bribing IT (brownies work well), your problem is not SL, it is the security settings.