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Greg Hagar

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the response - that is about half of what I'm asking, but not quite the whole of it. :)

I understand how to trigger actions when an object is clicked on, but what I'm looking to do is trigger an action when the user presses the tab key to move to the next object on the slide.

Imagine an input form where the user moves from field to field by pressing the tab key.  To simulate this in SL, I would create a "text entry" object to represent each of the form fields and set the tab order of those text entry fields to match the flow of the form.

As the user moves through the form, I would provide feedback on their input (by checking it against the variable associated with each text entry field. Typically, I do this using a "when control loses focus" trigger on the field being validated, and that's all good.

In this case I need to do something subtly different - I don't want to validate the user input as soon as the current field loses focus, I want to validate it when the next field on the form gains focus.  If the user is only using the mouse to move to the next field, this isn't a problem, because as you've demonstrated, I can just use the "when user clicks" trigger. Where I get stuck with this is if the user tabs to the next field - there is no equivalent of the "when user clicks" trigger for an object that gains focus via tab order. 

I've added a very simplified example of what I'm describing to the file you shared. I've attached it to this post.

Thanks again for your help and attention!


Greg Hagar

Hi Phil, great point about accessibility - what I'm describing would be quite helpful from that perspective!

I assumed what I was hoping to do wasn't really possible yet, but I thought I'd see what community had to say just in case - they've certainly provided some fantastic insight in the past (and will in the future I'm sure)!