Trigger for slide layer canceling out trigger on master slide?

Hi there,

I'm am having trouble making a progress bar that shows the %scene.progress through out one scene in my story. I have set up the progress bar on a master slide layer, where the bar graphics are hidden until the "Conversation" scene begins. I am able to see the correct %scene progress variable reference on each slide in the scene.

All was going well until I triggered a layer to open on each slide when the timeline begins. After the user clicks the layer closed, the progress bar no longer appears. If I disable the layer trigger for each slide in the scene and preview the scene, the progress bar reappears.

Can a trigger for starting a layer cancel out a trigger on the master slide if they fire at the same time? Is there an additional variable I can add to prevent this or is there a better design? Thanks for you help!!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jamie!

I'm happy to help! Triggers on the Slide Layer are prioritized over triggers in the Slide Master. I'd recommend adding the triggers to the slides rather than on the Slide Master. The Slide Master is perfect for designing a consistent layout but wouldn't be ideal for Adjust Variable triggers.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!