Trigger Warning 3: Losing Focus

Oct 06, 2022

Hi. I have a series of triggers applied to a text entry field:

I have a trigger that changes a state of a Next button (Enter_01) from Disabled to Normal once the user clicks on the text entry field:

This works fine if the user mouse clicks on the text field. However, if they are using the keyboard to navigate and tab to the text entry field and hit Enter or Space) to 'activate' it this action is not recorded by Storyline and so I have to insert a 'Lose Focus' trigger:

But this isn't great either because the Enter_01 button only becomes active once the user tabs to the next item, therefore bypassing this important button.

How do I get Storyline to view the text entry field as being active/clicked on when it is in focus and not after the fact?

Or how does one get items to change state when text is immediately entered?

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