Turning an object during a drag and drop

Mar 14, 2023

I was wondering if turning and object during a drag and drop was possible. 
I am assuming it would be with states, but I can't figure out to get it work. Attached is PowerPoint, with what I would like to occur. 

Also, this may need some javascript, but I am trying to complete this "task' without the need for javascript

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing the actual file, it's hard to see how you have it set up.

Considering how close the objects are together, I'd probably forgo the drag interaction and use a clickable interaction. 

  • Select your object to be sauced
  • Select your sauce 
  • Create a motion path to the object. You can add a turn state to the bottle that changes when the motion path animation is complete. And then have it return when the state of the bread is changed to sauced.

Something like that would work.

Ciara Lynch

I thought I attached the actual file now, instead of the URL link. 
Yes, that could work, but here is the file - as well.

The goal is to display correct and incorrect feedback. So, if I did a clickable, I would just make have the slide advance based on conditional statements.