Unassigned Trigger Finder

Is there a utility or way to find triggers in my classes that are unassigned? Thankfully my beta testers typically find where I've failed to add triggers to move from one slide/layer to another, but I hate to leave that to chance. I tried to do a search on 'unassigned', but nothing came back (even when I purposely put one in the story for it to find).

If there isn't a utility to let you know your story is broken somewhere, it might be a nice addition. How do you find these nagging little errors?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lissbeth,

If you'd like to add a trigger to an object, you can either start by clicking on the object on your slide and then clicking on the "new trigger" button - or when you click on the new trigger button, you can choose to assign it to an object based on when the object is clicked, hovered over, state changed, etc. 

Christian Brandt

Oh no, Ashley!!

Your request was submitted two years ago. Today I was looking for an answer for the same "unassigned trigger finder". I had several lines in the translation word document with only the word "unassigned". Some of them, I could find other must be out there, hidden somehow. There should be solething like validation within storyline to find everything unlinked and undefined in a project...

Have the developpers contacted you, that your "feature request"/idea is great but the idea does not add any value to storyline. Or have you had notice, that your request made it to the development pipeline?

Makes me sad to see, that the pipeline is so long.



Susan SanFilippo

I was just looking for the same thing as I saved a large course before I realized that I left a trigger unassigned. It would be awesome if there was a review took that could help find any "Jump to" item that is unassigned. I'm thinking that it would display in a window, where the Storyline user could click each item in the list, which would open the slide where the trigger is unassigned. The user could then assign it, and click the list to move to the next item. When finished, run the review tool again to ensure that all are set.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Susan for sharing a description of what you'd like to see! That makes a lot of sense and I'm certain would benefit a lot of people. If you didn't already submit it as a Feature requests here, please do so!  If you’re wondering what happens when you submit a feature request, here’s our process.


Lindsay Piché

Looks like this still isn't a thing :( I just made some changes to my course and now I have to go back through the entire thing and look for anything that's now become unassigned.  This is very time consuming!  Feature request submitted.  In general, the lack of being able to search for and find certain things within a course is very challenging.