Uncompressed video slide wont play in published video

Jun 17, 2021

I have an issue where an uncompressed mp4 video clip in a slide wont play when i publish the project as a video, i am trying to use the video clip uncompressed as when i select auto for compression this makes the video poor quality and grainy.

When viewing the project in a preview the video clip does play.

It seems there could be an issue with the encoding of the video when publishing the project .

Has anyone had this before and how did you solve it ?  

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Lee Stevens

Hi Becca, thanks for the reply, Its more to do with an issue publishing the story as a video when one or more of the sides contains a video without compression.

In the video tools options if i select the compression as none 

and then publish the whole story as video i get 2 different issues 

If the video clip is between 2 other slides i don't get any sound on the section with the uncompressed video but in the preview i do get sound 

If the video clip is at the end of the story on the output the video is "static" at that section even though the published story is still playing 

I generally publish most storyline outputs as video as it suits the way we distribute it 


Lauren Connelly

Hello Lee!

Thank you for providing these details! I've tested this exact setup with a video set to None and published the course for video. Unfortunately, I do not see the same behavior, so I've opened a support case on your behalf for more in-depth troubleshooting with our Support Engineers. You should've received an email from support@articulate.com that includes an upload link. You can privately upload the .story file for our Support Engineers to take a look.

I'll be following along to see what does the trick!