uPerform and Articulate Storyline

Dec 20, 2022

It seems there's not much recent info about uPerform in this community so I thought I'd add a small curated list I put together of info and videos for anyone else who has or is considering uPerform. (Unfortunately, you have to be able to log in to uPerform's support site to read/view them. Follow this discussion or contact me if you want to know more about them and I'll see what I can provide.)

This is the beginning of a discussion with myself (and anyone else who'd like to join in) as I travel through this new land.

Content Curation with uPerform Webinar Recording Intelligence Hub Post

Demo of Content Curation with uPerform  Link to recording.

Managing Third-Party eLearning Content with uPerform Cloud Intelligence Hub Post

Demo of Third-Party eLearning Content Management Link to simulation.

There's also some good info in this recording at 25:00 and 31:00:

Managing eLearning Courses With or Without an LMS Intelligence Hub Post

Demo of Managing eLearning Courses With or Without an LMS Link to recording.

I found one interesting article in the Articulate community that might also be of interest:

uPerform Courses Inserted Into Storyline


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Karen Bowden

UPDATE: After creating Packages on the uPerform server and uploading them with the SCORM feature in Canvas, all of the Storyline, Rise and also a 360 Degree zip files work in Canvas.

In the information I found about uPerform it said we could manage the content there so I was hopeful. However, when a new version of the course is uploaded and published on the server it is not updated automatically in Canvas.

I only uploaded them as pages and not graded/ungraded.