User Selects Survey Questions (10 from 20)

May 30, 2023

I am trying to set up the following interaction - User Selects Survey Questions:

Selection Screen: 20 text items available. The user is prompted to select 10 of the 20 items provided. 

Survey Screen(s): Once selections are submitted, a survey is generated consisting of the 10 text items chosen and a Yes/No response for each item. This could be handled as 10 screens, each presenting a different T/F question, or a single survey screen containing 10 T/F questions. I'd prefer the latter.,

It's important that the survey T/F responses are reported back to our LMS once submitted.

Here's how I understand the process of building:

  1. Creating the Selection Screen with 20, interactive, selectable questions.
    1. I could create different states to show which questions are selected.
    2. Tapping a Submit button takes the user to the first of 10 T/F question slides.
  2. Create 10 T/F Question Slides, each dedicated to one of the user's selected choices.
  3. Store User Selections:
      1. Set up variables to store the user's selected question choices.
      2. Assign triggers to the interactive (question) elements on the selection screen to populate the T/F questions across 10 screens.
  4. Close:
    1. Once completed, the user's presented with a Summary screen showing a list of the 10 selected questions and the T/F response for each.
    2. The 10 questions and T/F responses are reported back to the LMS. 
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