Using a variable to change the button states on another screen

Jul 29, 2021

This may have been answered before, but I couldn't find it in a search. I have created a variable "NoRef" with a T/F value of "False." On one slide I have a button that if the user clicks on that button I want the value of "NoRef" to change to "True." When I try to use the "Trigger Wizard"(Screen Shot 1) and set the "Object" to the "No Reference Information" button, the button is not listed to be chosen. It shows "Objects on 1.58 Untitled Slide" with the buttons on that slide? Now it does show the standard "Next" and "Back" buttons to chose from, but not the "No Ref Info" button that is on the page I am working with. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? 

Just as additional information, on "Slide 1.58" there is a button there "Reference Sheet" that I want to have the state changed of the button if the variable "NoRef" is changed to "True." So, to clear up the mud, so when the button "No Reference Information" on Slide 1.12is clicked by the user, the variable "NoRef" changes to "True." Then on Slide 1.58 the button "Reference Sheet" would either be grayed out based on a trigger that checks the value of "NoRef" to see if it has been changed to "True" since the user clicked on it. WHEW! I hope this makes sense.

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Scott Wiley

Once you get to the 2nd part of your problem, after getting your reference set, the only guidance I can give is to be careful what does the checking the variable.

On 2nd slide, I change settings to always have the timeline return to initial state. 

Then apply a trigger to change state of your button to disabled (for instance) on the condition your variable is false. If that variable is true, the command is bypassed and your button will remain in its default starting state.

Hope that helps.