Using Exercises on Linkedin Learning Courses ( David Anderson)...

May 30, 2021


I'm taking David's advanced Storyline course in Linkedin Learning.

I'm growing very frustrated with it because it's difficult to do the exercise

and follow along with his instruction simultaneously.

I'm hoping David can give his input here on how to efficiently do the exercises while following along with him.  

The problem I'm having is being able to clearly view his window while I do the exercise.  Sometimes I have to go into full screen mode to see where he's picking the tools, etc.  I tried a split screen but the viewing window wasn't large enough. Maybe I need to play with it a little more.


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David Anderson

Hi Dan - Thanks for reaching out here in the forums. And thanks for taking my course.

I just checked the course and noticed something different with the player. It looks like LinkedIn no longer offers the pop-out player for the videos. I'm not sure when that changed but I can see where it's a little tougher to expand the video player other than going fullscreen. I'll send my producers a note on that to see if it's something they're considering adding back to the player feature.

In the meantime, how can I help you with the lessons? When I designed the advanced course, I wanted to begin every project from a blank slide so new users could at least follow along. So the way I intended for learners to follow along and practice would be to complete each step (movie) before moving on to the next. The source files for each lesson build on the previous step, so even if you got stuck on one step, you could "catch up" with the next movie's source files. 

Let me know where you're getting stuck and I'll help you out. 

Dan Gladstone

Thanks for your response David!  I didn't mean to seem like I was calling you out here.  I was unable to send you a message on Linkedin or here.

I just started the course and was getting stuck with the first part in creating a template. I'll revisit it.

I figured out  I can have your course open in a standard sized window and have Storyline open in another. Although they overlap each other, it is better than the split screen since I'm able to view the buttons and text in your window. I was attempting to make it more seamless with the split screen but I pause anyway while working. So it works for me!

Now that I have the viewing figured out, let me see how I proceed...

It's very helpful btw.  I'm trying to improve my portfolio projects as I'm just starting out. I'm certain I'll acquire some new skills that I can apply!

While I have your attention, one of my projects entails the learner revising an email I include in an interaction. I'm stumped with how the learner can actually revise it within the interaction and submit it. What would be a simple and straightforward action for this?

Thanks again!

David Anderson

You'd have to work a lot harder than you did to seem like you're calling me out:-). Once I noticed the pop-out player wasn't there, I totally understood where you were coming from.

I work on two monitors at home but I spend a lot of time traveling and working on a 15" laptop screen. It would be tough to keep both Storyline and the training course open together.

Congrats on getting your portfolio going. One of the best ways to jump into the weekly E-Learning Challenges. We get a nice blend between experienced and brand new users each week. On average 1-3 new users join the challenge each week. If you're interested, I can share a list of recommended challenges to begin with. Or you can jump into the current challenge and work forward.

David Anderson

Just noticed you had another question!

Can you share a design comp or mockup of what you're trying to do with the email interaction? I'm not clear on how the revising part works. Did you record it with Storyline's screen recording tool or is it more of a click-reveal type interaction? Let me know and I can help you figure it out.

Dan Gladstone

I'm at the brainstorming stage.  However, I did do a screen recording where I took a message window from Mail and went over an email as an example. This project has to do with sending a follow up email to someone that is not responding to your emails mainly in the workplace. So the interaction would involve me presenting an email that is not effective in enticing a response, maybe too wordy or too demanding, then the learner can revise it based on  what I went over in the example.  I can provide a mockup, but give me some time.

Dan Gladstone


A quick note, I just completed the Advanced training on Linkedin.

Toward the end: lessons 7,8, and 9, I was struggling to keep up. it got a little confusing with the variables. During lesson 7, I thought I had everything correct and realized I didn't included a State. I couldn't figure out how to resolve it.

On the bright side, lesson 8 covered something I can use for the email interaction I mentioned: Comparing Learner to Expert Answers. I will go over this again.  I'll see how I can incorporate it into that interaction.  The tricky part will be how to import or create an email window.

It would be helpful if Linkedin could work with their course providers to come up with a technology or method to check Learner understanding as they progress through a course. Maybe they do this to some extent already?

Most of it made sense, and I learned a lot, but I got a little confused with the setup of variables and States.

Thanks again, and I'll post the interaction when I have it as close to being done as I can..LOL.

Dan Gladstone

Hi David,

Thanks to your lesson on "Comparing Answers to Experts", I was able to get back on track with the Email project I'm working on. I was stumped with the interaction/functionality.  I've attached the interaction. It's identical to what you went over, but this will give you an idea of what I'm trying to create.

I'm sure you can give me some great suggestions. I wanted to add a message window where the learner can actually type an actual email.

I've attached it.

Thanks again!