Using Layers in Quiz Questions

Nov 17, 2022

I am building an interactive computer literacy assessment in Storyline 360. I was able to create appropriate layers and triggers to open different menus, but the problem is the "correct answer" is not on the base layer. I have tried using Freeform Hotspot and Freeform Pick One slide templates, but both only allow you to select something on the base layer as any sort of answer selection.

Is there any way to allow users to choose their answer selection on a different layer and still record their response?

I am including a link to Review 360 so you can see what I have created so far. 

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Joanne Chen

Hi Vito,

Though there are different ways to achieve what you want. The fast way to add on from what you already have in Pick One is to:

On option objects layer
1. Add selected states to the three options, so the objects can be selected.

On base layer
1. Add two invisible objects and set one for correct, the other one for incorrect from the Form view.
2. Add trigger to change the invisible correct object to be selected when sumitting if the real correct one (Lock) in the layer is selected.
3. Add trigger to change the invisible incorrect object to be selected when sumitting if the real correct one (Lock) in the layer isn't selected.

Vito DiSerafino

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for the help. I tried a version of what you suggested and it worked for the most part.

I added invisible objects for each selection type and set the Lock object as correct. I added triggers and added a True/False variable for each selection so each layer could communicate with the base layer.

My only problem now is if I have both the correct and incorrect response selected, it still marks the answer as correct. For example, if Lock is selected AND Switch User is selected, it will mark as correct.

Vito DiSerafino

Hi Joanne,

My invisible buttons are already set to "Button Set 1" Could it be due to the object layers' interaction with the base layer?

Currently it is allowing me to select multiple objects on the object layers. I am attaching the Storyline file for further review.

Joanne Chen

Hi Vito,

Since the invisible buttons are invisible, they are not selectable by users. What you need to set as button set 1 is the objects that can be selected by users not invisible buttons.

And you are making the settings too complex. You may easily get lost then.

1.You don't need variables here. It will only make it more complex.
2.You only need two invisible buttons: Correct, and Incorrect ones. What you need is to judge which one to be selected when submitting. So two triggers for that:

Please take a look at 1.3 which I duplicate from 1.2.
BTW, instead of two triggers, you can group objects and set only one trigger to show/hide layer when clicking it. Keep the settings as simple as possible.