Using Markers and Audio

Jun 19, 2016

Hello can you please help, I have a slide with differnt Markers on it with Audio linked to each maker. The problem I have is if I click each one on the slide they all play at the same time is there away of only playing the selected Markers Audio?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mark

without seeing your setup try these triggers as a test.

1. Create a T/F variable for each marker default to False

2. Create a trigger to toggle the variable when the user clicks 

3. Create a trigger play audio xx when user clicks marker 1 on condition that marker1 = true

4. Create a trigger to stop media xx when user clicks marker 1 on condition that marker 1 not equal to true

you need a variable for each marker and corresponding triggers to play pause media for each as well.

if that doesn't work you can upload your story file using the grey Add Attachmdnt button at the bottom of the post - easier for someone to assist with a solution specific to you if they can see your setup


Ren Gomez

Hi Paul,

Happy to help troubleshoot! Are you inserting each audio file into the specific marker, as shown below? Or are you adding the audio to the slide?

Using this method, when I select a second marker, the first marker will close along with the audio.

If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, otherwise you can share it privately with me here, and I'll delete once I'm done taking a look!

Ren Gomez

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing that file, as well as your .story file in our case! To recap for any other members who come across this discussion, it seems adding in a Selected state in markers is causing the audio to overlap one another. 

Instead, try using the Visited state as that will retain the functionality of a marker automatically closing when another marker is clicked on! 

John Martin

I've used the marker audio feature - Several markers (around 15) on one slide layer describe fields in our software. But how do I create a trigger to the next slide/layer that activates AFTER the viewer has heard all the audio? Right now, the visited state works great between markers, but since it triggers when you click the marker, not when the audio is complete, the trigger to the next slide goes off too early. I'd prefer not to use custom markers, but I will if I have to.  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are working on with your project.

One solution that comes to mind is to pause the timeline of the slide almost immediately and have the timeline resume when the state of all your markers are visited so that your trigger could be set for when the timeline ends vs. the state of the markers. Understanding how your course is set up may help recommendations though.

You mention that 'the trigger to the next slide goes off too early'.

  • Is your course set to auto-advance? Or do you not want the Next button to be available until the audio is complete?
  • Can the markers be visited in any order or is there an order that you follow?
John Martin

The task I'm being asked is to have a short audio after all the markers complete that introduces the next slide. Then it goes to the next slide when that audio completes.  Doing that, the audio from the marker and on the timeline overlap. Having the audio start on the next slide and using visited markers won't work because when you click the last marker it goes to the next layer/slide and cuts out that last marker. 
Right now they are visited in any order, but I think I'll make the last row of custom markers appear after the others are visited, and that way their audio will be on the timeline and can base a trigger on the states. (Change each marker to state = complete when the audio for the marker is done, then move forward when all custom markers = complete.) That way, I'm only changing a few markers, not all of them.