Using variables across projects

Aug 24, 2022

I am creating a project with 6 separate units, each having 4 units.  Each of the units will be posted as an individual project on a wordpress site.   There are many variables in this project in each of the units and some variables are used in an earlier unit and referenced in a later unit. For example, in unit 1 the user is asked to list 3 of their favorite activities and in a later unit the data stored in that  variable is referenced when the user is exploring some personal characteristics.  My question is in regard to how variables store data and if they can be used across projects and referenced as I described.   

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Kim,

Thanks for reaching out!

Storyline 360 variables  are a project resource, which means they cannot be shared and accessed across different projects. I'll leave your inquiry to the capable hands of the community to see if they can offer any suggestions on how you can share variables across different courses.