Variable Go-between Slides :'(

Aug 13, 2021

For the life of me, I cannot get what I want out of this SL. Here's the scenario in the file:

So ideally, the SL would allow the user to work in this function:


  • 1.5 (Menu) selected button changes to state "Visited" and adjusts "Answer 1" variable to "True"> 1.6 (Question) select Next button > 1.5 Answer 1 button should be visited, but is not.
  • 1.5 (Menu) selected button changes to state "Visited" and adjusts "Answer 2" variable to "True"> 1.7 (Question) select Next button > 1.5 Answer 2 button should be visited, but is not.
  • 1.5 (Menu) selected button changes to state "Visited" and adjusts "Answer 3" variable to "True"> 1.8 (Question) select Next button > 1.5 1.5 Answer 3 button should be visited, but is not.
  • 1.5 selected button changes to state "Visited" and adjusts "Answer 4" variable to "True"(Wrap Up Text) > 1.9 select Next button  > 1.1 now the Go to Quiz button should be "Normal," and all of the other variables are reset to False; this doesn't happen. 
  • I can't use "RESET COURSE" because it will loop the "Go to Quiz" button back into the "Disabled" state.

1.1 (Go to button pressed) > 1.5 sequence starts again as though the course has been restarted

The problem is that after the buttons are clicked once which initiates the first variable change, any subsequent variable changes don't work. Even though they should've been triggered to change from a subsequent button push that is on another slide.

Also, the buttons that are changed from "Normal" to "Visited" on the "Menu" slide doesn't stay that way after the user returns there after them having been selected.

I've attempted deleting/readding, adjusting sequence of variables in the triggers, but nothing changes.

Thanks for your help!


Pictorial description:

1. User begins interaction with "Start" button.

2. FYI, the "Go to Quiz" is disabled until the variable "Go to Quiz" is "True."

3. There is intro language until they reach the question "Menu slide"—below—the triggers here are:

  • Set Answer 1 to "Visited" when user clicks Answer 1
  • Jump to associated slide
  • Set Answer 1 button to "Normal" when the timeline starts if the "Answer 1" variable is False.
    • This is because I want the slide buttons to reset after they select the "Reset and Restart" button at the end of the sequence of questions.
    • The problem really is that the timeline doesn't "come alive" again, so the SL is stuck in it's initial changed variable state. (Scroll for more)

4. When the "Reset and Restart" button is selected, there are triggers here to change state of each radio button to "Normal." 

5. Here is the Reset and Restart button. The triggers here are to direct the student back to the starting point, but also to reset all of the buttons to "Normal" including the "Go to Quiz" button on the first page that was initially disabled.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing. I'm trying to follow along. I noticed that the visited states are not displaying when returning to Slide 1.5, and I think this is the issue you're sharing.

I'll focus on Slide 1.5 and Answer1, Engagement.

I see that you have triggers to change the state to Visited:

Also on Slide 1.5, you have this trigger:

I do not see where Answer1 is being adjusted to True, so every time Slide 1.5 is navigated to, the timeline restarts so the state will change back to Normal.

Based on your setup, I'm not sure when you want that variable to adjust, so I'll leave that to you to adjust or fill us in further.